Web Design
Tired of your old website or need a new powerful design with new technology?
Email Marketing Outreach
Email marketing will drastically increase traffic and sales while keeping your advertising cost at record lows.
Photo Editing Service
LMS has successfully saved hundreds of great photos from the recycle bin!
E-commerce Websites
Are you ready to move into your new online retail store?
LMS Web design® combines innovated fast moving technology into today's marketing techniques that moves businesses into higher customer satisfaction ratings, increasing sales and profit.  We have met and exceeded the expectations of  our clients with overwhelming success with comments like;  "You have inspired our marketing team with technology and sales are up" and "Our business has expand into areas that we simply could not reach in the past".
If you're not using this type of advertising, you're missing out!  While Email Marketing is very cost effective it can impact you're company in a negative way if not implemented correctly.  LMS Web Design® specializes in the most advanced formats of Email Marketing including XML, XHTML and HTML.  The end results are an amazing ad that people like to look at and click through.  Hey, the results are in!  Below are some actual Email Marketing ads that have helped sales explode!
Graduation, Wedding and just about everything else.  If you have a digital photo you're not quiet happy with,  have it professionally  edited for only $10.00 (some limitations do apply)
Logo Creation Service
Give us a try and save big!
Simply give us some info about your title or company.

We understand just how important a logo is,  this process will involve some commutation directly with our designers  to aid in the best possible result.  LMS Web Design® has a toll free number to keep commutations open through the process and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Our team of professionals are committed to the highest standards without the high price.
Community forums for your website.
At last, forums where you can create your own personal profiles with pictures and uploads. That's just the beginning of what can be done, phpBB is a open source program saving you money.
WordPress Blogs
Get your custom blog for your website and start blogging.
Blogs are a great way to promote your own business and get instant feedback from your clients or customers.  Blogging is also a great tool for your BTB relations.
LMS SEO Designs
LMS websites are designed with
search engine optimization
for great indexing on search engines.
LMS Web Design® manages websites locally and nationally.
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LMS Web Design
Our designs let you focus on selling and getting the most out or your retail website.  Manage as many as 100,000 simple to add products with administration tools that require no specialized technical training to get the job done.

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